When Ventura is on, he’s ON

He says essentially everything I would have said if I was there…

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5 Responses to “When Ventura is on, he’s ON”

  1. Jesse nails more issues correctly than incorrectly. He certainly got these pretty close to perfect.

    God Buchanan is an ass. And he is actually better than he used to be! Anyone remember him from his Nixon years?

    I like Alter a lot. He did’t get much of a chance in this segment, but he’s a pretty thoughtful guy for the most part.

  2. Man, that Jesse’s great. I’d think about withdrawing my own candidacy if he ran for presidency.

    By the way, did you know there are suddenly bombs going off at the beginning of every one of your posts?

  3. I’m experimenting. I blame Mrs. Chief for making me watch all those home makeover flip this house kind of shows. Expect things to fall, explode and other things for awhile until I can make sense of this stupid coding crap. :D

  4. Ex, if Jesse ran and you withdrew, would you put in a word or two for me as Jesse’s running mate?

  5. chappy:
    I only said I’d think about it. I didn’t make any promises.

    Anyway, we all know what happened to Bobby Kennedy.

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