The 92nd Carnival of the Godless

I just realized my post on Calling Out “Ends Justify The Means” was selected for the 92nd Carnival of the Godless. Neato! If you haven’t read that post, shame on you! Go read it now, then go read the rest of the selections for the Carnival.

Theist Trick – Scotsman Fallacy

So I think all of us have faced the “true christian” crap before. It’s yet another weasel-ly way christians defend themselves against charges that their religion is responsible for making people do shitty things. McViegh? Oh, he wasn’t a REAL christian. Abortion clinic bomber? Not a REAL christian. Pedophile priests? Not REAL christians. Any of [...]


I discovered these questions from The Friendly Atheist about blogging, which are an expansion upon something from Greta Christina and to round out my linking, I discovered this all by way of The Exterminator. Hemant’s questions aren’t just about why one would blog, but specifically aimed at atheist bloggers. Although I could easily go on [...]

When Ventura is on, he’s ON

He says essentially everything I would have said if I was there…

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We’ve all heard this one millions of times, but have we ever REALLY thought about it? IS it really best to not say anything at all if we having nothing nice to say, and what exactly is “nice”? How are we using [...]