The media is having a glorious time exploiting Obama’s “bitter” comments. NONE are reporting on this accurately, in fact most, not just Fox, are grossly miss-reporting in what I can only assume is motivated by a need to fan the flames to create a real barn burning, ratings grabbing issue to keep Americans glued to [...]

I just received an email response from Senator Tom Carper regarding my email to him about S. Res. 483, the infamous “Ten Commandments Weekend” resolution. Ok, it wasn’t my email, but one I put my name to from another organization who I can’t remember at this time. Anyway, I’ve bolded the parts I liked best. [...]

Taking the Moral High Ground

I just started reading The Secular Conscience, and I guess I need to stop playing Vegas2 for a bit (very hard) and just polish it off because I’m seeing something very clearly now from the little I have read. Clinton is certainly towing the old line and also walking the fine line of Roe v [...]

It’s the Judiciary, Stupid!

A recurring spiel from The Exterminator (and championed in ways by some that make up emotionally what they lack intelligently) is in response of not just being ignored as a non-religious voter but given a de facto “fuck you” from the current crop of candidates, to march into the voting booth in November and give [...]

Fools, Fish, and Fun

Ah, April 1st. Fools day. So today is when we’re supposed to pull pranks on each other. Alright, so how did this start? Well according to this, it started when the Gregorian calendar was introduced and New Year’s Day was moved from April 1st to January 1st. Well a lot of people didn’t get the [...]