Here’s a gem from the London Times giving an “American account” on the oil crisis by Irwin Stelzer. What he puts forth is that it’s a myth that world oil supplies are running out. The amount being produced is merely constrained by a variety of reasons like political turmoil in oil rich nations, unwillingness by those in control of production to produce more and being prevented to drill in those hippy liberal environmentally protected regions. To sum it up, here are his words:
“Production of oil is being constrained by several forces, none of them due to God’s failure to put enough of the black gold under our feet.”

Nice. Now a line like that should set off your alarms, but what if it doesn’t? What if you’re one of many people who absently absorb “news” stories and even opinion pieces without asking questions like “Who is this guy?”, “Where does he come from?”, or of course, “Is there any truth to any of this?”. Well as you can see above from the link to wikipedia, he’s a neocon right wingnut. Ok, that explains the god business and the wish to drill in environmentally protected areas (and throw some knocks at Putin and Chavez). Now what’s this Hudson Institute all about? Well their mission statement doesn’t sound too scary but wait, what’s this Club of Rome business?

Once again to wikipedia we see it’s a think tank “founded on a humanistic architecture”. Uh oh, godless liberals? Well that sounds like a perfect arch-enemy for some right wingnuts then, but REALLY what they’re against is a couple of reports they published in the early 70s called Limits to Growth and Mankind at the Turning Point. It seems the points of these two reports were that natural resources were finite, meaning they’ll run out, and over population and over exploitation of these resources would destroy the planet and kill us all… but there’s still time to save the world and ourselves. Although sounding a tad paranoid and over heated, the basic ideas sound plausible. There’s only so much world and resources so if you use and/or destroy it all, we’re fucked. So why would you be against this? Why is this Hudson Institute the Legion of Doom to the CoR’s Hall of Justice?

Well what if you’re funded by companies such as Exxon who obviously want to be able to tap as much oil as they can wherever and whenever they want like a horny dude cruising for ass on spring break? What about companies who have been plagued with charges of environmental abuse like General Electric and DuPont? Ah, now we see, don’t we? It should also not surprise you that they’re against organic farming since their funding comes also from biotech and chemical companies.

So it’s about money and greed and self interest, hardly anything objective. Our Mr. Stelzer represents the interests of oil companies and a neocon, anti-islam and anti-Putin agenda. He’s formerly from the American Enterprise Institute and the two institutes have partnered on policy issues like arguing for John Bolton and invading Iran. Make no mistake about it, he will say anything to advance access to oil, even saying there’s plenty of that “black gold”, thanks to his god, and it’s those environmentalists and muslims denying us access to what’s rightfully ours by god.

Thanks for coming along with me down the rabbit hole. At the start I didn’t know who this guy was nor any of the groups I listed. I apologize if any of you did and you’re thinking, “duh!” but just think how many people don’t know this stuff. Think how many people read…, ok scratch that, how many people watch things being said on tv and simply accept it, never asking who these people are, what their goals may be, who funds them, and so on? I bet a lot. Now this jaunt wasn’t that taxing for me, but it took until a little over a week ago to reveal that the Bush administration has been paying and supplying retired military officers lies to spread about Iraq on tv for years and that they were also in cahoots with military contractors. So it may not be that easy to get the answers, but at least ask some fucking questions, be skeptical, and always wonder about people’s motivations for saying and doing things.

Oh btw, one of the guys from the Hudson Institute, Bruce Chapman, founded the Discovery Institute. THAT institute, since you’re here, I’ll assume you don’t need background info on.

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7 Responses to “It’s a myth that the world’s oil is running out?”

  1. You know, Philly, the goddam rabbit hole is getting awfully crowded…

  2. Well I wish more people would have a gander down there

  3. Can we shove the right-wingnuts down the hole and lock them up in there?

  4. Philly, it seems you and I were on somewhat similar wavelengths today as we did our posting. Our posts are only in part about environmental issues.

    The larger point is to do research (which ain’t hard anymore folks) and find out what peoples’ agendas are when you hear “factual” statements that don’t ring entirely true. Or, even if they DO ring true.

    My problem can be the same laziness as the people you are trying to motivate. The only thing I have on them is that I’m already incredulous when I read someone saying that there are endless supplies of anything that the earth has produced. If you want to start telling me about endless supplies of power from the sun, I will listen. For all of our intents and purposes, it’s true.

  5. Technically, I would have to agree that we will not run out of oil. We have already run out of oil at $20 a barrel. Ditto $30, $50, $70 and even $100 per barrel. Soon, we will run out of $115 (or whatever the hell it is today) per barrel oil. Someday we will run out of $10,000 per barrel oil.

    I do find the theocratic viewpoint interesting. Either you have a James Watt (Jesus will be pissed if he returns and we haven’t used all the resources) or this asshat (God gave us enough, its just the evil (Arabs, Iranians, Muslims, oil engineers, investors, the Loch Ness Monster, the Flying Spaghetti Monster) is preventing all that liquid gold get to market. I wish they would make up their mind. Of course, that would imply that there is something there to make up, right?

  6. I was just wondering about the same thing that our oil is going to be ended from this world. I really want to say that we should be thinking about these types of things all the time.

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