Now I have to admit I’ve had some rather entertaining experiences while very, VERY drunk. Some were good, like REAL good, but none come close to what Arwel Wynne Hughes experienced. You might remember this recent story where a couple of dorks playing Star Wars in their back yard got viciously attacked by some guy dressed as Darth Vader in a bin bag who clubbed them with a metal crutch. No? Well neither did Arwel until he slept off the effects of drinking a box of wine (uh, yuk) and read the paper. Now I also have to admit there have been times I didn’t remember what happened the night before. Hell, there were times I was told about some funny things I might or might not have done (some stories have yet to be fully verified), but I never, NEVER awoke wearing a cape, a Vader helmet and a bin bag to read about two Star Wars dorks beaten by a drunken Vader. Wow! What the hell must that have been like?

So I thought I should provide this followup on the story from the BBC and also take a moment to tip my helmet to Mr. Hughes. No doubt at the age of 27, drunk off my ass and seeing my dork neighbors “filming themselves playing with light sabres in the garden”, I would have been tempted to act, but I don’t think I would have had the balls to follow through like Arwel. Good show, old chap! Very nice. If you ever make it across the pond, there’s a box of wine here waiting for you.

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4 Responses to “Religious Tension in UK Episode II: The Hangover”

  1. I thought wine with screw-top caps was bad! That wine-in-a-box must be brutal.

  2. Got any good Indiana Jones stories? Or better, Road Warrior?

  3. Perhaps some Road Warrior ones, but I’d better not get into those.

    Thankfully he wasn’t drinking something expensive, just in case he does come over and take me up on my offer. A box of wine? What’s that, like $5?

  4. Yeah, and that’s less than 2.5 pounds.

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