Eat Me, unless…

Guiliani is in hot water because he took communion during the pope’s visit which is a no-no if you’re not onboard with forced maternity, otherwise known as anti-abortion. According to Cardinal Egan, he had “an understanding” with Guiliani that he would have to go hungry on savior. No body, no blood, not even a “little [...]

Believe Plates

So I hear there’s some issue with some proposed license plate in Florida. Anybody hear about this? Well The Exterminator brought it up and gave me the idea to explore what other kinds of licenses they could have. Frankly, if they want to have their little christian plate, I don’t have a problem with it [...]

Here’s a gem from the London Times giving an “American account” on the oil crisis by Irwin Stelzer. What he puts forth is that it’s a myth that world oil supplies are running out. The amount being produced is merely constrained by a variety of reasons like political turmoil in oil rich nations, unwillingness by [...]

Now I have to admit I’ve had some rather entertaining experiences while very, VERY drunk. Some were good, like REAL good, but none come close to what Arwel Wynne Hughes experienced. You might remember this recent story where a couple of dorks playing Star Wars in their back yard got viciously attacked by some guy [...]

Abortion Chit-Chat

I found myself writing far too much in response to a comment to this post that I thought I might as well make it a post of it’s own. The comment was from ReligionVsAmerica. It’s mostly all concerning that fun topic of abortion. RVA’s comments start in response to my objection to Hillary Clinton’s stance [...]