Don’t Click That Link!!!

Like clickable links like that? Well you better not click them, or else you might get a visit from the FBI at 7am tomorrow, be pulled from your house, thrown to the ground, arrested and have your house ransacked. That’s what a (sorta) local guy here in Media, PA, Roderick Vosburgh, experienced. The details of [...]

Golden Rule

A recent exchange at An Apostate’s Chapel got me thinking about the ethic of reciprocity, better known as “The Golden Rule”. At that time, I objected to the assertion that the variant put forth in the new testament is superior to what came before. I started thinking that perhaps I should take some time to [...]

Google Prose

I gave in to the Exterminator’s urging to register with hittail so I can find out what people google to get to my blog. Why? Because it makes great material for constructing poems. Well just to throw a curve, I’ll use the results to construct prose (search terms in bold): What to say at a [...]

Mortal Sins Expansion Pack

There’s a new expansion pack for the catholics with new mortal sins. Here they are, your new 7:• Polluting the environment• Genetic modification• Carrying out experiments on humans• Causing poverty• Causing social injustice• Becoming obscenely wealthy• Taking drugs Now aside from the hilarity that is the idea of “new” sins declared, what’s truly funny is [...]

This damnable Lifeguard and his memes. So here’s my response to his second tag, to list seven facts about a favorite historical figure. Well fine, I of course pick Nietzsche. I love Nietzsche for his balls out attacks on virtually everything, his ceaseless questioning, his radical ideas and his astute psychological observations of humanity. I [...]