Love Bunny

Bush embracing someone in a furry pagan fertility costume while watching the kiddies scurry for little painted fertility symbols hidden across the White House lawn in some bizarre ritual to celebrate the Spring Solstice and the resurrection of Ishtar, goddess of fertility? Man, when is this guy going to learn there’s supposed to be a separation of church and state?

More, including video, at The Huffington Post.

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5 Responses to “Love Bunny”

  1. Laura said: President Bush and I wish each one of you good luck on the eggroll.

    Was this a subtle way of saying that the U.S. is now owned by China?

  2. Yes, and luck is needed since chances are the one you get will contain rat meat instead of pork, use cabbage grown with deadly pesticides, rice flour for the wrapper grown in patties soaked in run off from some factory and the thing will come in a paper wrapper stamped “Made in China” with lead paint.

    Good luck kiddies surviving your eggroll. It’s a clever way of reducing the future burden on social security.

  3. And if they did survive the eggroll itself, the President probably gave them poisoned toys made in China.

    It’s definitely a conspiracy.

  4. Gee, Philly, did you really have to share that darling photo? Why do you hate your readers?

  5. It looks like some bizarre scene from Donnie Darko. As I look at that picture, I think I would like to see a Wiccan run for president. It might highlight just how bizarre religious belief is. Plus it will be fun to try and watch anyone else running for president try to be respectful of someone’s belief in the Moon Goddess.

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