Which Easter Jesus is Worse?

I just found this story today about a “Hunky Jesus” contest held in San Francisco yesterday which the catholic church screamed “blasphemy!” over. Now compare this with this story from the Apostate’s Chapel about some Philippinos nailing themselves to crosses yesterday to mimic the Jesus story of being crucified. Now the nailing of people to crosses the catholic church merely frowned upon. So let’s review, a Jesus beauty contest of sorts, arguably a way to celebrate the beauty of god’s creation, man, or a ritual where men have themselves nailed to crosses and crucified. So which one do YOU think is worse? Cue Jeopardy music…

Here’s another question, tell me which ritual Father Norman Vitug is speaking about (source):
“But we cannot question somebody’s faith. It’s just an expression of their faith. We do not lead their lives so we do not know what happens to them while experiencing that, so we might as well respect it”

Btw, here are some more images of the guys getting nailed to crosses. Enjoy! Sorry, I have no images from San Francisco.

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5 Responses to “Which Easter Jesus is Worse?”

  1. What if some of those nailees in the Philippines were homosexuals?

  2. I hadn’t thought of that. I wondered how the church might react if the gays were doing the nailing, er, I mean the crucifying instead of the pageant. Would the church…
    1. Change from blasphemy to frowny?
    2. Still claim blasphemy since it is gays?
    3. Offer to drive the nails themselves and encourage the full crucifixion instead of the mere 5 minutes?

  3. You are such a tease! Come on – I wanna see some Hunky Jesus pics.

  4. I tried to find a link with pictures but no dice, but I found that weird one for the header.

  5. It was the same thing I was having in mind and I was pretty sure that many other people like me are having same in mind. I think that the answer that you have given here is the least.

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