Religious Tension in UK

Much has been reported lately about rising religious tensions in the UK. To some degree you can understand it. Here you have a culture long established and steeped in tradition and now that’s being challenged by a new tradition, a new religion and culture. Rather than set aside their ways for the old ones of [...]

Me, Privileged?

I really hate blog memes, well alright, hate may be a bit strong, I’m not crazy about them. I did see today on OG’s blog this status meme where given a list of things, the number you can say you experienced growing up is supposed to be some indicator of your status growing up. Well [...]

Love Bunny

Bush embracing someone in a furry pagan fertility costume while watching the kiddies scurry for little painted fertility symbols hidden across the White House lawn in some bizarre ritual to celebrate the Spring Solstice and the resurrection of Ishtar, goddess of fertility? Man, when is this guy going to learn there’s supposed to be a [...]

Which Easter Jesus is Worse?

I just found this story today about a “Hunky Jesus” contest held in San Francisco yesterday which the catholic church screamed “blasphemy!” over. Now compare this with this story from the Apostate’s Chapel about some Philippinos nailing themselves to crosses yesterday to mimic the Jesus story of being crucified. Now the nailing of people to [...]

Zombie Jesus Day

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again to celebrate Zombie Jesus Day. But why celebrate a zombie you ask? Well we’re not celebrating the zombie, but instead use this day to remind everyone of the dangers of zombies and how to properly deal with them. Zombie Jesus is worth celebrating for his is a [...]