Suck My D*&^% F(@&^% Face – No Charge

I just found this to be hilarious. I know it doesn’t fit the theme of my blog but so what? If you don’t like it, you can suck my d-, well, you get the message. Anyway, I had quite enough of seeing that ad from the last post. How about you? Right, so these people [...]

Christian Spam

Ah, this might be my first christian spam. Now spam is simply annoying and thankfully I have my spam filter fine tuned to rid me of most of it without ever needing to see it but this little bugger slipped by. Perhaps I have to start adding religious words to the filter. Who knows? Well [...]

Ah, The South!

Well you know how the story usually goes. Have cute little true story about gay penguins who raise a baby penguin. Write a successful children’s book about it. The book finds it’s way to a school library in VA where some parent gets all bent about there being a gay book and wants it out [...]

Bill & Ben, Ignorance Overload

1) “Darwinism” – not Evolution, because you can point out problems with Darwin’s original ideas2) “coming from apes and monkeys” – If only that were true since Clyde from those “Any Which Way…” Eastwood movies had more personality than Ben. Perhaps if Ben’s relatives were orangutuans this would have been more fun to watch3) “lightning [...]

Tree Infested With Jesus or Banshee or…

Two posts in one day? I know, but I just couldn’t pass saying something about this. Pretty fucking cool, huh? Now I love this:“Already religious, Craig O’Connor found Jesus in his backyard…” Yes, that’s it isn’t it, “already religious”, this guys saw a sap stain as Jesus Whereas I who enjoyed the works of Tolkien [...]