You call this "change", Hillary?

I know after W, we’d all be thankful if our next President can simply speak properly instead of speakifying on currential topicals. In that desire, we have to take a moment to remember that there’s more to just being able to speak. There’s also the need to be at least somewhat creative as well as intelligent…

Now why didn’t Obama say something like, “I agree with that sentiment as much now as when John said them a few months ago”? Maybe that’s hoping for too much intelligence and speakifying skills.

Note to Hillary – change is not something you pick from other’s pockets but if you’re going to pick pockets, pick from better, deeper pockets, ok? I mean, even Reagan picked Paine’s pocket. Shit.

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6 Responses to “You call this "change", Hillary?”

  1. Hillary has clearly misunderestimated your skills, PhillyChief. If only Obama had you as part of his campaign staff, then you could help him strategerize on this stuff.

    Nice bloggerizing.

  2. And I thankify your very nice commentization.

  3. As the run-fronter, Obama is trappified.

    If he jumps on anything Hillary says, he seems to be a big bully terrorist attacking a poor, innocent woman. If he doesn’t comment on her lies and innuendoes, he seems to be a wishy-washy opportunist who can’t fight back against an opponent.

    Unfortunately, the entire contest between them is about style and personality — not substance. They both wisely understand that most American citizens vote for the person with whom they’d most like to … um … beerify.

    I’d rather drink a glass of wine alone than have a beer with either one of them.

  4. Well, since I don’t drink beer, I have to select my candidate on the basis of with whom I’d most like to – hmmm – winify? Maybe I should make it easier on myself and select the candidate to whom I’d most like to whine.

  5. Oh, if we are basing votes on ..who we’d like to frack. Shiites! I think Ron Paul would sound attractive in the dark!

  6. I totally agree with the views of the writer. A president is the one who has to address the whole nation. Therefore, one must be having good oratory skills so that the people are inspired from listening to them. USA has a bad luck in this matter.

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