Punk Ass Millenials

I came across this today concerning what are being called the “Millenials” (I call them “punk asses”, or “kiddies” when I’m feeling nice), the generation born after 1981. I for a long time used Star Wars as the line of demarkation. If you didn’t see the first two Star Wars films (and by first I mean the REAL first, not these prequel shits) for the first time in the theater, then you’re a punk ass, I mean Millenial. So this article points out everything that I’ve been saying in response to my own experience with them for years now, that they’re spoiled little shits with too much self esteem, have no concept of consequences for their actions and won’t accept responsibility for something even if it came with a free PS3. Alright, I’m paraphrasing.

One thing in particular that caught my eye was this comment, “You have to be very careful in how you talk to them because they take everything as criticism.” Yeah, no shit. If I had a dollar for every time online in a cg gallery where people post their work, especially work in progress, and someone flipped the fuck out because I made some suggestions for how to improve I’d be stinking rich. I would have killed for having my work critiqued by a pro when I was young. Back before this cool interweb thing, I had to actually write letters and make my way around conventions to grab an artist and ask for a critique and hope for some advice. ANYTHING they said was mana from heaven. But these punks? No, they don’t want that. They want 20 pages of comments like “awesome!” or “kick ass!”. I just picture little doe-eyed snot noses presenting some recent scribble to their moms for a pat on the head, a cookie and their work to be exhibited with pride on the fridge by their ’35th best’ whatever award magnet that they got for showing up for some stupid activity. So now these shits are in the workforce. Great.

I’ve heard from guys at big companies like Sony or ILM who are frustrated with these shits. They do some work, it gets presented, changes are handed down and they go fetal. Changes?! Another great comment I hear from them and online is “well I worked for days on this”. So fucking what? Oh right, you’re used to getting something for that. Well wake up sunshine, that’s not how the real world works. But of course Ms. Looney (too easy to make a joke about), a reality therapist (once again, too easy), says “You can’t change other generations. They are what they are. All you have control of is how you deal with them.” You know how I would deal with them? Boot to the ass. I fail to see how the answer to dealing with molly-coddled kids is to provide more molly-coddling. That’s absurd. Just watch the Dog Whisperer and see how that’s flawed (Full episode here).

Now unlike my last post, this one I am going to bring back around to religion. For starters, a lot of these cg forums I used to visit are infested with these little born again punk asses (and I’ll bet good money a lot are home schooled, because there’s an epidemic of christian home schooling in the US to save their precious minds from evils like Evolution). Nevermind that there are rules against talking about religion, they make such a stink that the administrators take Ms. Looney’s approach (hereafter referred to simply as “Looney”) and give in to them. And a guy like me who says anything about it? Well remember, “You have to be very careful in how you talk to them because they take everything as criticism”, in other words, an attack, so they all cry that they’re attacked and I get hosed. Look at your own experiences with christians online. You make the slightest opposition to what they say and they go bananas. Also, like the cg forums, I find these people everywhere online, regardless of what the topic is. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to point to examples of this behavior by my generation and older, and maybe to a laundry list of examples throughout history of this overzealous overreaction to criticism to their faith. “This is not a new phenomenon” you’ll say, and I’ll agree. What is new, however, is a growing fanaticism amongst the younger generation. So let’s see what we have here, a system that is all about the group over the individual, the subjugation of will, intolerance to criticism, never taking responsibility, and perpetually placates it’s members meeting a generation that is “fabulous at building teams, but they’re challenged by responsibility and accountability”, “take everything as criticism”, have been “overparented, overindulged and overprotected” and require constant direction and praise. Wow, sounds like a match made in, dare I say, heaven, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Great post.

    One thing not mentioned in the article or in your commentary:

    Millenials believe that saying “I’m sorry” corrects any fuck-up no matter how egregiously irresponsible it was or how much damage it did. If you don’t forgive them immediately you’re “mean.” Or, even worse, “rude.”

    Religious millenials always get that hoped-for “you’re forgiven” from their pal, Jesus. So they can pretty much perpetrate any kinds of outrages as long as they remember to say “oops, Big Guy,” before they go to bed. There’s no individual responsibility because, ultimately, their god is responsible for everything.

  2. I rarely hear an “I’m sorry”. I hear a lot of excuses though, followed by expecting praise for trying regardless of how great they fucked up.

    I mentioned before about how in high school they started introducing these things in gym class called “new games”. What’s new about them? No one wins. Yeah, that was my first taste of this nonsense which would be responsible for these punk asses, but of course whoever came up with or introduced the games won’t take responsibility for that. ;)

    Btw, a loud mouth named Ed in the class said aloud what we all were thinking when they introduced this “new games” crap, “no one wins? What’s the point then?”

  3. I’m a little ambivalent at laying too much of this at the door of religion (and I know you DID NOT lay too much there, but it sounds like you think there’s a connection). I think the only connection is irrational thinking.

    But a lot of the problem you have identified comes from the liberal left (where I uncomfortably take my own refuge).

    The left has had it’s share of bad, irrational, non-scientifically supported ideas. It isn’t “god” with them. But it’s equally irrational.

    A lot of those kids you talk to (and you should test this out by asking them) come from public schools. Large numbers are secular. While they may well have a religious ID, they don’t regularly attend church.

    It’s a big problem. And not all religious.

  4. Speak it brother. I could not agree more, this epidemic is only getting worse. Question is, who’s fault is it? Is it our generation in how we are raising them? Parents today seem too busy for their kids and they let society teach them values and life lessons.

  5. Evo, I wasn’t suggesting that religion is the cause but rather that there’s a whole generation now that’s ripe for religion. They have all the necessary traits.

    JP, the article cites parents as the blame. I think it mentioned mothers in particular who, having left the work force entirely or in part to have kids, may have smothered them. Also, they needed validation constantly both for their mothering skills and that it was worth it to leave the job world for this sacrifice. I think those stupid trophies for participation and coming in 10th place are just as much for their esteem as for the kids. What I’m saying is that may be true, but I’m young enough to have caught the beginning of the molly-coddling appearing in the schools, so they’re responsible as well. All the programs that have given out participation trophies are guilty, too. It’s ridiculous. It is an epidemic. Now throw into the mix a failing education system so on top of all this, the kids are becoming increasingly more ignorant. Argh!

  6. I can’t tell you how many college students I taught who believed that every half-baked paper they submitted deserved an “A.” Even after I’d go through papers page-by-page and point out deficiencies to them, they’d say, “But I worked really hard on this.” So what? Did you meet the standards I set? No? Then you don’t get an “A,” or a “B” or even a “C,” birdbrain!

  7. I’d say you’ve pretty accurately described the majority of my generation. The reasons you have presented are why I and others like myself seek to distance ourselves as far as possible from the stereotypes that run rampant among my peers.

    Regarding the connection with Christianity: As far as my experience is concerned, the “punk asses” that you are referring to claim belief in Christianity. The exterminator hit the nail on the head with this comment:

    Religious millenials always get that hoped-for “you’re forgiven” from their pal, Jesus. So they can pretty much perpetrate any kinds of outrages as long as they remember to say “oops, Big Guy,” before they go to bed. There’s no individual responsibility because, ultimately, their god is responsible for everything.

  8. My wife faces that crap too when teaching. Spoiled brats.

    Well good for you Dank. Set an example for the rest of them. I guess I’ll refer to you as a kiddie then. :)

  9. but I’m special..

    like everyone else.

    I have a slightly different take. I think it has less to do with moms staying at home and more to do with both parents working and then giving their kids everything because the parents feel guilty. Its easier that way in the short term..


  10. I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but the problem of kids not wanting to move out has been an issue in Japan for quite awhile. I suppose we could also blame Rodney Dangerfield. Remember the end of Back To School I think? The one where he goes back to college and his son is the guy from Christine? It’s where he does the “Triple Lindy” dive. Anyway, when he gives the speech at graduation he tells all of them not to leave home. Bastard. :) ~

  11. I deal with young folks of all ages, and my father-in-law had a saying that if kids were around half-assed adults they'll probably turn out quarter-assed. I've run across some individuals who have to fit the 1/64 assed category.I deal with a lot of young'uns (millenials included) who have been taught that if it isn't perfect it was a waste of time and they're stupid for even trying. A criticism with suggestions (I am a musician, perhaps I may meet Disgustipated at the library on St. Pat's Day)and I coach and instruct people who have this fragility, too.Pointing out what is a problem area with a remedy often gets me a response like, "But I don't have TIME…" and they stay flailing around. They have time for all sorts of things, but not that which is causing them frustration. Personally, I have taken to using Franz Liszt's somewhat polite but ascerbic style.After he settled down and took "minoe orders" people would come to him and display and demonstrate their talent and he would advise them, listened to and offered advice to anyone. A young lady came, and gave an audition which doubtless stimulated the auditor to wish to slam her fingers with the keyboard cover, but he took her hands, smiled at her, and said, "Marry soon, dear child, marry SOON!"Last fall I trotted out an arrangement I'd slaved over and polished for the best part of a year, really felt would sound fantastic (it did on my computer) and handed it out to the band. Read through it. Hmmmm. Tried again, and again. I saw the looks on their faces. All I could do was shake my head, say, "It's shit, gimme it" (they looked relieved) and I shredded it. We promised to never speak of it again.

  12. Actually, I know a lot of “born again punk asses” at my public high school, or kids who would fit right in with them. And, I hate to say it, but you’re pretty much on the money with the whole generation.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry to my mommy about how the big, bad PhillyChief hurt my feelings.

  13. Well of course I’m right. I rarely ain’t. ;)

  14. That’s interesting Sarge. My wife has dealt with college kids who after playing through a piece and asked how they felt it went, say “perfect”. When all the mistakes are pointed out, they usually make excuses about time. So in their minds, “perfect” is not objective but subjective. It’s like they’re saying, “considering how little time I practiced for this, I played perfectly”. I suppose I hadn’t fully thought of that idea of super rationalization. I’ve always been too focused on just how they want praise for trying and for the time they spent. Thanks for broadening my vision of the situation.

  15. Thanks, P.C.

    I think you pretty well nailed it, and I’ve had the same experiences as your wife.

    I am a firm believer in the dictum, “Know Thyself”, and as Dirty Harry was wont to say, “A man’s got to know his limitations”. An unlikely guru, to be sure, but a very good admonition.

    I tell and try to make these people I help out realise that their limitations aren’t necessarily permanent, and that passing this depends on them and the work they’re willing to do to pass that barrier. True, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but you never know until you actually do more than go through the motions.

    I haven’t had a lot of success, but I find that an object lesson will often work.

    I sometimes often take them with me to the horse therapy program I’m involved in, show them before and after with young people (some their own age) who we help out, and tell them about the incredible amount of work these severely limited people have to do with limited resources to actually improve.

    In the end, it’s priorities.

  16. Awesome post! Put in on your fridge!

    LOL, just kidding…

    Although academic standards are being lowered every generation due to our purposefully failing public school systems, you must keep in mind that there will always be the top 10% that think for themselves and don’t get caught up in the increasingly watered-down stupid of the other 90% of their peers.

    There is hope in every generation.

    The problem is what is being accepted as intellectual discourse in the public sphere along with what is now “acceptable” etiquette.

    It is increasingly difficult to have a rational conversation/debate when the rules for engagement are constantly being pussyfied in order to include the lowest common denominator or common christian idiot (if there is a difference).

    This is why we are becoming a laughingstock to the rest of the world because we can no longer hang in the realm of intellectual discussion without changing the rules of debate and lending credence to our feelings and emotions.

    WWJD? (Who Would Jesus Debate?)

    Nobody ofcourse. Jesus came to preach not to listen. Just like every close-minded fool on this planet.

  17. Yes, well I’m still waiting for the proof this Jesus character really existed to come and preach, dance, do magic tricks or anything, but that’s another issue.

    It is becoming a sad thing that you almost have to apologize to foreigners for being American before you can continue the discussion. You have to prove you’re not an idiot first. That stinks. Soon we’ll be replacing the Polish in all those jokes. :) ~

  18. It’s interesting you brought up the Polish as an example.

    Fascists killed all the intellectuals there to limit the resistance of Nazi domination.

    How long before the intellectual community (and jews because they’re jews) in America (and the rest of the world) is systematically persecuted for not agreeing with newly incorporated Christian ideals and law?

    This is one of those topics where the average American cringes and calls you a nut ball conspiracy theorist for even mentioning such an atrocity.

    But how many more Bushes, McCains and Huckabees need be elected before we become an official Christian theocracy and start the heads a rollin”?

  19. I, who have posted my own WIP’s online in an art forum for critique completely relate to your post. I have come across this argument…Their citations of schooling is used to give them a license to be FABULOUS no matter what they slap on a canvas! Please, I have seen so much bad art I want to head bang hot pokers into my eyes! If you click comment and say that though, look the hell out! You are targeted for negative comments. Nothing you post in the future will ever garner one nicety or constructive critique!

    I got a thumbs up and an interview from Meats Meier once(not so long ago) so I am happy. I don’t post anymore. Satisfaction achieved.

    The post Star Wars kids believe they are some kind of Indigo children. Chosen to be put on a throne worshiped and can commit any crime with no repercussions for they are hypersensitive creative souls god damn it! Sorry, I don’t prescribe to this nonsense.

  20. Well that’s cool you got a little nod from Meats.

    I’ve pretty much abandoned all those damn forums. CGSociety forum is bullshit. ANY Lightwave forum is bullshit, full of amateurs with a religious devotion to the product. The same is coming true with the Modo forum, but I guess that’s par for the course since they’re the ones who originally made Lightwave. I never bothered with the ZBrush forums because that programs bugs the shit out of me and is just a necessary evil. I don’t enjoy using it, I tolerate it in lieu of something better. Was that where you heard from Meats? He’s the ZBrush king or something.

  21. Atheist Messiah, do you not find that the “pussification” (?) of the rules of debate/discourse seem to be more on one side than the other?

    A lot of the people I deal with seem to think that fact is on the side of the person with the loudest volume, most passion, and the last word.

    I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen one of these days when some of my fellow unbelievers, other than conservative look up and find that they have become “Alien Other” in society.

    Here in town we have two ministers claim that nobody has a right to NOT believe in and worship their deity. I heard another opine that a St. Bartholomew’s Day like that celebrated in France in the 1600′s would be a good thing for America.

    I ask some of my fellow “infidels” what they would do if they saw Ann Coulter, O’Reilly, Hannity, Bob Grant or their philosophical brethern approaching with an aura of dire purpose and an intent to comment on our differences. How would they engage them?

    Oddly, I have a feeling that sweet reason and civility wouldn’t loom large on the agenda.

  22. I think the rules of debate and arguing have been dumbed down to
    1. allow the ignorant a chance to participate
    2. allow the ignorant onlookers to feel like they can understand what’s going on

    The success of Springer means that intelligent debate isn’t going to win ratings unless everyone’s yelling and people look angry enough to pick up a chair and smash Geraldo in the shnoz.

    A particularly sad thing recently was the debate PZ Meyers had. The clown he was debating said he had no idea what PZ was referring to, PZ then spoke of the man’s ignorance on the topic, the man cried because he was called ignorant and the moderator chastised PZ. Wtf? Hello? If you don’t know something, you’re ignorant of it. THAT’S THE FUCKING DEFINITION OF THE WORD!!! Argh!

  23. Philly.. I think I found the posterchildren for the millenials



  24. Oh I’ve seen that one and was tempted to write about it. I mean, what the hell is this world coming to when scrumptious hotties are denied air travel? I mean, come on! It’s an outrage! ;)

  25. The problem with the current generation is that they’ve been pumped up with “self esteem” from the time they were tiny tots. I blame the schools, which went through a phase where no one could be made to feel “inferior” – even the inferior folks – because they might get their feelings hurt. Never mind that there is a continuum of ability and not everyone is going to be at the top of the bell curve, everyone has to be a “winner” in the modern thinking.

    I don’t know if they’re starting to give this up – recently I’ve seen some research that shows that all this self-esteem crap just produces nasty, egotistical people. Punk ass kids.

    And I really resent people trying to pin the blame on mom. Why does Mom get the blame no matter what she does? If she works, if she stays home, if she’s loving, if she’s withdrawn, no matter what her parenting style it always results in fucked up kids, right? Wrong! Unless she is some kind of extremist, Mom is just one player in the kid’s life. Let’s blame society as a whole, why don’t we? Kids learn from teachers, religious leaders, peers, television, books and other sources as well as their parents.

  26. Thank you for the link. I agree and mentioned earlier my brief experience with schools’ share of the blame. I don’t believe moms were given the brunt of the blame here though, just one of many who aided and abetted the crime of creating these punk asses.

    Like it or not, the 70s and 80s saw a massive rise in women in the workforce, in higher careers than old, stereotypical female job positions like secretaries. Now they were not quitting once married, they were truly pursuing careers. In light of this new empowerment, you have to admit that it started to seem unseemly to stay at home and not be in the rat race. It’s totally unfair, but I do believe that some of these moms felt the need to prove, to others and themselves, that their choice to give up the career to raise kids was justified. How can you justify that if you’re kid is a loser?

    Now getting off moms, I’ll bring up another culprit – colleges and universities. The competition of course has gotten steep to get admitted these days, and one of the things that’s become a way to stand out is being involved in a ridiculous amount of activities. What does this mean? Well it shouldn’t take much thought to realize that a kid involved in 10 activities can’t possibly be anywhere near as good at or knowledgeable of any one of them as say the kid who is involved in only one or two, yet who gets admitted? The jack of all trades kid. Once again, what’s esteemed is not ability or mastery but merely participation and time spent.

    So no, there’s no one source for this shit. It’s a cluster fuck. Moms, dads, schools, children’s organizations, activity leaders and schools of higher learning are all part of the problem.

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