More on Millennials

I know, I know, why keep beating up on these kids? Because it must be done and as much as I’d like to walk away, I”m pulled back constantly. Ok, first I should mention that part two of the article I first referred to has come out this week. What’s fun is this article shares [...]

Theist Trick: Of Wind And Abstract Thought

So another fun trick which theists get much mileage from is talking about things like wind or abstract thought. A favorite is love. They’ll ask, “prove to me love exists” or wind or abstract thought of some kind. It’s a devious little game to try to convince you or whoever is observing the exchange that [...]

Flintstones – "Plausible and Realistic"

Here’s a fun old clip from The Daily Show where Mo Rocca interviewed Carl Baugh who runs the Creation Evidence Museum. The Atheist Experience Blog posted this and that’s how I found it.

You call this "change", Hillary?

I know after W, we’d all be thankful if our next President can simply speak properly instead of speakifying on currential topicals. In that desire, we have to take a moment to remember that there’s more to just being able to speak. There’s also the need to be at least somewhat creative as well as [...]

Punk Ass Millenials

I came across this today concerning what are being called the “Millenials” (I call them “punk asses”, or “kiddies” when I’m feeling nice), the generation born after 1981. I for a long time used Star Wars as the line of demarkation. If you didn’t see the first two Star Wars films (and by first I [...]