YECy Infighting and Bullshit

Everyone know who Joe Taylor is? He’s the YEC whacko with the creationist museum and infamous for the Taylor Tracks which he claims proves dinosaurs and man walked together (to which you should read this from talkorigins). Well he uncovered this huge Allosaurus skull outside Lagrange, nick-named The Lone Star Skull, about seven years ago [...]

There Will Be Blood, But Also Backlash?

I just caught There Will Be Blood last night at a little art house theater because I’ve been intrigued by the trailers, and awards. I’ve heard the reviews are all great but I honestly didn’t know much about the movie before going. Daniel Day Lewis in the title role was a big reason for us [...]

Iggy Is Controlled By Space Aliens

With a nod to Close Encounters of the Third Kind (that other sci fi movie of 1977) and the first episode of South Park, “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe”, I present the above graphic to accompany the following arguments for the belief that Iggy is controlled by space aliens. I can say Iggy is controlled [...]

My posts are reactionary and always have something to spur their generation. This time, there’s no singular spark. Oh sure, the kick start was probably reading the Exterminator’s recent post which got me thinking of quirky behavior in my house, but from there came a sort of strange trip of thoughts that somehow coalesced into [...]

I Sound My Barbaric Yawp!

The impetus for this post comes from this post by DaVinci where he gives his opinions on shyness. I’m going to echo what I’ve seen mentioned many times in the atheosphere, and that’s that I grew up a shy kid. I certainly never used it as a tool to manipulate others as DaVinci suggests. I [...]