30" of Glory

No rant today. No special call to atheists. No suspicious products, theocracy alerts, medical warnings, comical pictures, nothing. Today is all about taking a moment to show off. One brief moment of self indulgence and shear joy that will no doubt be shattered soon by something that will piss me off. Until then, I revel in my 2560 x 1600 pixels! Hazar!

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18 Responses to “30" of Glory”

  1. Philly – I thought God would have known that without having to try out all the options. Or do you just like experimenting?

  2. Wow! Great monitor! That’s bigger than three of the four TVs in our house.

  3. When I read the title, I thought the post was gonna be about something else. Still, the monitor is pretty impressive, too.

  4. Yes, 30″ of glory and a taste for fried chicken I hear makes you a preacher man in some states.

  5. Screw being a preacher. 30″ of glory would make you a fucking GOD!

  6. Yes. All four of you. ;)

  7. I almost had a major freak out moment when I connected it. The graphics card has two inputs for connecting two monitors. I thought they were the same, so I plugged into #2 and everything was ass looking. Then I found out that if you have 30″ of glory, you have to use input #1. So remember, input #1 for 30″ of glory. Input #2 is all ass and can’t take anything that big.

    What? Why are you all snickering?

  8. Impressive wingspan.

    So, that 30″ . . . Is that men’s or women’s inches?

  9. I’m not up on the differences between men’s and women’s inches.

    Certainly no omniscience here. I had no idea it mattered which input this beast needed. I’ve worked with two monitors for most of my career. I’ve lusted over this Cinema for awhile but I figured I was just fine with my two regular monitors but then it it’s become clear that with one of my major apps, having two monitors leads to kernel panics (the Mac version of MS’s “Blue Screen of Death”) so oh well. I had no choice. :)

    I also picked up this sexy keyboard. I’m thinking it might induce less wrist pain.

    This would be nice eventually too, but my old 9×12 is still working. Btw, if you have pain in the wrist you work your mouse with, look into switching to a pen and tablet. There are smaller more affordable ones than the Wacom Intuous line.

    I wish I could have had some relevant tie in for this post like a cashier saying “have a blessed day”, dealing with idiot drivers to and fro with Jesus fish on their cars, or even praying for a solution to the problem of hooking it up and getting that prayer answered. Nope. The whole experience was happily godless. Well ok, walking into an Apple store might be a bit like what I imagine walking into a Scientology place is like. Everyone does have that happy air to them, which I find suspicious and weird.

  10. Where did my comment go? Dammit. Did I write it and then not publish it? Now I don’t remember what I wrote. But I know it wasn’t anything dirty like the rest of you pervs have written.

    I must have a pen and tablet. I don’t need the $700 one, though. Are there any brands that you wouldn’t recommend?

  11. Nice monitor, Philly! I’ve drooled over that one in Micro Center a few times.

  12. Babs said: Now I don’t remember what I wrote. But I know it wasn’t anything dirty like the rest of you pervs have written.

    Only if I woke up in Bizzaro World this morning.

  13. The only ones I’m familiar with are Wacom Intuous and Graphire. The Graphire line is more affordable and I think aren’t as many size options. The biggest difference between the two lines is the levels of pressure sensitivity. If you’ve never used a tablet with a paint program before Babs, you have to experience it, or maybe you shouldn’t because you’ll go home with one. Things you can do with pressure sensitivity are have the pressure you exert effect the size of the brush, the color of the paint, the opacity and flow of the paint and even for odd shaped brushes (like an oval) it will read the tilt of the pen to vary the stroke, like in calligraphy.

    There are other brands but I don’t know anything about them. For most needs the Graphire line is plenty good enough. Mice are simply not good for your hands and wrists but when it comes to fine control like painting, using a mouse is ridiculous. It’s like asking a surgeon to work with boxing gloves on.

  14. Damn, I’ve been outpixeled! But I’ve got a quad core processor – one core for each paw.

    BTW if you’re worried about keyboard injury, that one is tilted the wrong way. Look up Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I’ve been using one for a couple of years. Excellent. Keeps my claws clean too.

  15. Wrong need. It’s not the typing that kills me, but rather the constant combos when I work. Amateurs click on buttons, pros use keyboard shortcuts. ;)

    There used to be a make your own keyboard which was blank and came with maybe 10 keys that you could place anywhere and assign any value to each key (like for you PC people, a ctrl-alt-delete button). Cool idea, but I don’t know whatever happened to it.

  16. This may not work for you, but both the Logitech G15 and the Razor Tarantula have 5-6 programmable keys down the left side.

    I have the G15 and it’s pretty comfortable. I haven’t really done anything to program it yet though.

    You can also get mice that are programmable like the Logitech G7, MX Laser, or MX Revolution.

  17. Thank you so much for the info. I had given up trying paint in Photoshop. Not that I do anything professional, but having a pen and tablet will make it so much easier to draw devil horns on people’s photos now.

  18. About 13-14 years ago I saw some tech show on tv and they had a guy on showing a program called Painter using this snazzy new tablet and pen hooked up to a Mac. I bought both the next day, got set up and started painting… and crashing. Paint, paint, paint, crash. Paint, paint, crash. Turned out that back then the computer couldn’t keep up with the speed I painted. It was a problem for painting and other programs probably for the following 4 years at least.

    Ah, the good ol’ days….

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