Jesus, Iranian Style

I saw this odd story in Variety today (and before you ask, no, I don’t read Variety but I was waiting for a meeting today and a copy was laying out) about how Iranian TV is producing this 20 episode miniseries on Jesus called “Jesus, Spirit of God”. Muslims of course believe Jesus was just [...]

30" of Glory

No rant today. No special call to atheists. No suspicious products, theocracy alerts, medical warnings, comical pictures, nothing. Today is all about taking a moment to show off. One brief moment of self indulgence and shear joy that will no doubt be shattered soon by something that will piss me off. Until then, I revel [...]

Activia – 21st Century Snake Oil?

So I’m guessing you’ve all seen the ads for this yogurt, right? It has live bacteria, bifidus regularis, that is “clinically proven” to regulate your digestion and solve countless intestinal problems. Now when you saw these commercials, did your bullshit detectors go off? Mine sure did. “Regularis”? Are you fucking kidding me? If that’s not [...]

Ends Justify The Means – Billboard

You know how I say religious people employ what’s called “ends justify the means? What I mean is they’ll do whatever it takes to advance their goals. A word, a phrase, an image or a deed can be vilified if it attacks their interests or embraced if it advances their interests. So bear with me [...]

Timmy’s Wish