A "Haught"y Ally?

I came upon an article today at Salon which is an interview with John Haught, who perhaps may be a maverick theologian. Personally, I find that to be, in his case, an oxymoron akin to jumbo shrimp. Yes, he can accept Evolution (sorta) and testified in Dover against ID, but he’s still a catholic theologian, [...]

It’s All About The Children

Hey you know what x-mas is about? It’s about the children. Let’s take a moment to see how the children are doing this time of year. At the the Chapel we have some issues about the early indoctrination of children here and in the followup. Some stuff about the Nigerian “witch” kids too, also covered [...]

Creationist Victorious Over Evolutionist

Well it seems one creationist figured out a way to win an argument against a supporter of Evolution, he stabbed him in the heart. According to this story, an English creationist named Alexander York got into an argument with a Scottish traveler, Rudi Boa and his girlfriend (both biomedical students) while at the pub. Later [...]

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Meme

Ugh, I’ve been tagged with this meme thing where I’m supposed to list 7 unknown, weird, and/or unusual things about myself by the Chaplain of where else? The Chapel. Well I am full of myself, I am unusual and I can’t back away from a challenge so of course I’ll oblige. 1) I was Captain [...]

As The Wolves Feast

I really wanted nothing to do with discussing the Colorado church shootings. Honestly. I saw it as a fertile garden for idiocy to come from both sides of the argument. The christians naturally would claim he was an atheist and therefore that shows what happens when you don’t believe. When it would be shown to [...]