This is yet another example of christian craziness at christmas time, this time brought to us from our friends across the pond. There’s been plenty written here and elsewhere of how the christians usurped this time of year’s celebrations. Then of course there’s the crap about how we HAVE to call it christmas now, forcibly exhibited in this story where 3 jews were beaten by 10 christians for daring to reply to “merry christmas” with “happy hanukkah” (incidentally, it was a muslim man who came to the aid of the jews because I guess the rest of the subway car’s christians were in full agreement with the christian bullies). Fine, okay, we’ll call it christmas. Jesus Christ, enough! Anything else?

Oh right, then of course HOW we celebrate has rules. I pointed out earlier how a christian objected to how people on one boat in a christmas boat show decided to celebrate. Certainly there’s been too many incidents to list here this month of christians fussing about their imagery being displayed on government property or that other imagery shouldn’t, or that it should be smaller, or run over with a pickup truck. Alright, so we can celebrate this time of year IF we call it christmas AND we celebrate the “right” way. Anything else?

Well now it seems that you have to actually believe this christ crap or else you can’t celebrate at all. No Santa, no tree, no gifts, no lights, no pudding, no punch no… wait a minute, this is christian? Wtf? Well it appears that two boys whose mother asked them to be exempt from christian classes at Cluny Primary school have been denied participation in the school’s christmas party. The headmaster’s opinion was that if you don’t believe, then you can’t celebrate. As one of the kids said, “People put up Christmas trees at Christmas. They’re not religious so why would a party be religious?” Well said. I think there’s a show on tv now called “are you smarter than a 5th grader?”. Obviously the headmaster is not, nor are any christians, at least at this time of year. They fucking lose their minds (in the spirit of the holidays, I”ll grant them that they had minds prior to December) this time of year yelling that “it’s christmas, damn it” , “put the christ back in christmas”, beating jews, running over other’s holiday stuff with their pickups and telling little kids, “no christmas for you!”. Nice. What is it they say? This is the time for peace on Earth and goodwill to your fellow man? Yeah, if you fully submit I guess.
(Btw, it should be fellow humans, not fellow man, but christianity is one of many penis = privilege religions)

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14 Responses to “Christ Nazis Tell Two Boys, "No Christmas For You!"”

  1. I’d normally be the very last person to jump to the headmaster’s aid, but …

    What if the school’s Christmas party were going to include the singing of religious carols and a reenactment of the nativity? Then, following the mother’s wishes, the kids would have to be excluded.

  2. Yes, well that would suck. I mean, I can understand if it was a club, like the christian club, having a party and then it would just be for the members of that club but when it’s the school’s party, then wtf? Let all the kids have some fun. Don’t they have a mess of muslims now in the UK? What about them? The person she talked to at the Education office gave the right answer, that it’s NOT a religious celebration. What, they have a book of Santa now in the bible? Where’s that passage about “trimmeth thy tree with care” or pudding or presents? Fuckers.

  3. I sense and completely feel your frustration on this issue.

    It angers the hell out of me.

  4. What a bunch of asshats. I’m just really fed up with hearing the Christians whine about Christmas being about the birth of Christ and their rights are being taken away and boofuckinghoo. This just really pisses me off.

  5. It’s just further proof that there can’t be any peace with these fuckers. They take and take and take. It will never end. Give them the name, then they want more.

    In an article earlier this week I challenged Haught’s comment about christianity bringing social justice. Bullshit. Society is what keeps religion in check so that we can have justice. It’s instances like these that show what, if unchecked, they’d do. You bring up the past like the Inquisition or what not and they always say “well that was back then but we’re not like that now” or something like that. Bullshit. Given the chance, they would be. They don’t get the chance anymore, because of society, but when there’s a gap and society isn’t watching, what do we get?

  6. Man, Philly, you’re in High Fulminating gear today. Are you in the process of giving up smoking?

  7. No, I spent 4 hours out today dropping off gifts, eating, donating to goodwill, and navigating the parking lot of Best Buy and the rainy roads. I can’t stand being around people generally to begin with, but today? ugh. As if christmas doesn’t make people stupid and clueless enough, let’s throw in some wet roads. Great!

    My wife, who is nearly 100% apathetic towards religion had the best line of the day, “I fucking hate fucking christmas because it makes everyone a miserable fucking asshole!”. Ah, isn’t she the best? ;)

  8. This all shows that the SEASON really IS about love, peace and compassion. And that it has virtually NOTHING to do with Christians – except in their narrow little minds.

  9. By the way, I’m having a big ol’ Christmas feast on the 24th. Any of you in the SoCal area are welcome to stop in. And Christians can kiss my fanny if they don’t like it!

  10. I’m looking forward to spending a nice, quiet day with my family. I’m also looking forward to the end of this incredibly hostile season of “peace on earth, goodwill to men. I’m nauseated by the way a relatively small number of very obnoxious, raucous Christians have managed to sully the season – and then blame the filth on everyone else! And they wonder why people aren’t buying what they’re selling!

  11. The commercial aspect of this holiday is what christians need to focus on. Yes, there was a war on christmas decades ago and they lost. It was such an effective war that they didn’t even realize it happened and those that have started realizing it turn and look at us for trying to start a war. Hello?! Too late, idiots, and we had nothing to do with it.

    I believe I’m going to cook a leg of lamb for x-mas. X-mas dinner is supposed to be special and lamb is pretty special, imo. Also, since this Jesus guy is usually referred to as the lamb, I think I can take some symbolic satisfaction out of butchering, roasting, carving and eating him, as if I’m devouring the whole damn stupid holiday and it’s associated nonsense. The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect would be if there was a Chiefs game that day so I could also be searing it for the satisfaction and delight of the Football Gods.

  12. Great post, and ditto to all of you all the are sick of the Christmas shit.

    Christmas is like Elvis. A lean machine in the early years when remaining close to the original roots. Then, over time, a bloated, commercialized mess that gorged on the consumer culture and ultimately became a cultural icon that caricaturized itself.

    King of Kings? ELVIS is KING? Just like religion and Elvis, let’s enjoy them for what the good they brought and shake off the excesses. I almost wonder whether it’s actually BETTER to say “Merry Christmas” at stores, because, in the end, aren’t shopping malls and department stores the new Christmas Cathedrals?

    Penis = privilege… classic.

  13. Philly saith: Also, since this Jesus guy is usually referred to as the lamb, I think I can take some symbolic satisfaction out of butchering, roasting, carving and eating him

    We have a 25 lb roasted pig leg…

    mmmmmm… jesus.

  14. Lifeguard, are you talking about Elvis Christ?

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