Exploiting Death: A Christian Funeral

Yesterday I attended the funeral for my aunt. She had made it to 90 years of age, with the last 10 or so of those arduous. She had survived a home break in, quadruple by-pass, and assorted ailments. She was like the Energizer bunny until a combo of a broken hip and heart attack was [...]

The Blue Hair And The Crucible

Interesting story I caught just now about a substitute teacher who, after a week of teaching, apparently isn’t welcome anymore. The reason? Well if you ask the school district, it’s her blue hair. If you ask the teacher, Jennifer Harmon, it was religion. “Blue hair” probably makes you think either punk or old lady. As [...]

Today’s creepy old weirdo bemoaning christian persecution is the archbishop of Wales, coming to us from across the pond from BBC News. In fact, he’s good for a two-for, because he also regurgitates one of our favorite christian bullshit charges, “atheist fundamentalism”. Usually it’s just “atheism is a religion” but when they have their panties [...]

This is yet another example of christian craziness at christmas time, this time brought to us from our friends across the pond. There’s been plenty written here and elsewhere of how the christians usurped this time of year’s celebrations. Then of course there’s the crap about how we HAVE to call it christmas now, forcibly [...]

Lite-Brite Last Supper

This is entirely silly but I’m fascinated by it. Also, as the guy is relatively local, I feel compelled to promote this crazy artist’s work. This guy, Mark Beekman, now holds the Guinness World record for largest work of art created with Lite-Brite. Yes, I said Lite-Brite! He created a 5′ x 10′ Lite-Brite masterpiece [...]