Thanksgiving, Yesterday and Today

I thought in light of the holiday, we’d take a look back at the history of the times that are supposed to be celebrated on Thanksgiving. I think you’d be surprised just how far removed from the myth perpetuated today that time really is. Oh wait, who am I kidding? I know what kind of [...]


I’ve recently been in quite a heated debate starting here at about #67. Someone clearly prejudiced against atheists made the charge that atheism is dangerous which sparked the whole battle. One point of contention was over the issue of state laws that deny atheists the right to hold public office. His reply was to say [...]

You Play To Win The Game

While watching today’s Chiefs battle against advertising whore Peyton Manning and the Colts I thought of something poignant for what I see as an attitude to carry when engaging theists. Herm Edwards, now coach of the Chiefs, became famous for a tirade he had while coach of the Jets where he uttered the famous phrase, [...]

Godless Delusion?

Some conservative Bruce Walker wrote some crazy rant entitled the Godless Delusion for, among other places, the conservative online magazine American Thinker. The title and subsequent perusal of the magazine makes one wonder is apathetic ignorance a better state of mind for Americans than this sort of thinking? Frightening, but I digress. I call it [...]

Comment to Patrick, #2

I don’t enjoy doing this, but since there’s no guarantee when, if ever, a comment of mine may show up on this kid’s article I feel I have no choice but to post here at the same time, so there’s a record of when wrote my comment. It took him over 2.5 days the last [...]