Goodbye Dogma Free America

At a time when so much is being said on various blogs about the importance of participating online in the atheosphere, it saddens me to mention today that the fine, fine podcast Dogma Free America has concluded it’s 50th and final episode. DFA’s approach was to report and comment on dogma in the news from around the world. The show’s hosts pulled no punches with their commentary, especially when it reported on issues of religious dogma from what became a news story gold mine for them, Malaysia. Indeed from Malaysia to Missouri, from Shari’a law to the US Supreme Court through US Family court and legislative nonsense from around the world, DFA was there shining the kitchen light of reason on the filthy little cockroaches of ignorance and evil. As we all listened each week we laughed, we cried, we cringed and we swore but always by the end of each episode two things were very clear, that the end came too soon and that it was going to be a long week waiting for the next episode. In light of that, listening to the end of episode 50 was quite a kick in the pants.

The man responsible for the podcast, Rich Orman, has said that it’s simply too much work producing the show each week and that it became like a 2nd job. Selfishly I have to ask, “so what?” but I understand his situation and respect his decision. I personally don’t even want to think about how much time I spend online each week between writing here and on other blogs and forums but of course it’s still sporadic and informal and is a far cry from producing an audio podcast with cohosts in different states, interviews with remote guests and compiling news stories from around the world on a weekly basis. I wish him and his cohosts well and also hope that there may be the occasional new podcast here and there in the future.

If any of you have not heard of DFA before, I urge you to go listen to the past episodes. You’ll even see some of your favorite bloggers interviewed on the show like our on Mr. Exterminator (episode #34). I have a personal soft spot for that episode because it’s largely responsible for me writing this today. It’s really been the last 9 months or so for me that I’ve been that active in what’s going on. Oh I’ve had my instances in the past where I was forced to mix it up with christian yahoos, but I was more of the behind the scenes guy content to read and absorb content on issues of religion and atheism plus I saw all of it being rather brainy and serious. First DFA showed me the value of just listening to a couple of average sounding guys comment off the cuff about such things and then after the interview with Ex, I read a bunch of articles on his blog. Well I was impressed with them for both content and approach. I guess not long after that I thought all the crazy shit in my head and the opinions I had perhaps are worth sharing with the rest of the world. Although I originally looked at it as cathartic, I’ve found that I might be contributing to the common good. I’ve learned that although many things I write about have probably been discussed countless time, and in countlessly more intellectual and argumentally sound ways, the way I may say what I say could resonate better with someone. Plus even if I am repeatedly covering the same ground others cover, I think it could also be beneficial for some to see how many people are writing positively about atheism and denouncing the problems of theism and religious beliefs.

So as we say goodbye to DFA, perhaps we will be saying hello to others inspired to make their own contributions in some way, shape or form. I think that would be an excellent legacy for the show and a wonderfully bright future to look forward to.

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6 Responses to “Goodbye Dogma Free America”

  1. Interesting. Had never heard of them before and I’ll definitely listen to the Exterminator episode!

    You resonate with me, Philly. Not that it matters.

  2. I’ll have to listen to the archived podcasts. Thanks for the info.

    BTW, I like your style just the way it is.

  3. That’s a damn shame about DFA.

    You said: I have a personal soft spot for that episode because it’s largely responsible for me writing this today.
    I suppose after listening to my blather, you decided “Well, if that moron can write a blog, so can I.”

  4. Well of course, Ex. :)

    I always took the subject very seriously. DFA first showed me that you could do that while still having a sense of humor, and Ex’s blog brought that idea home.

    Originally this was more cathartic for me. Then I started thinking that perhaps it does more. Intellectual blogs are great because they attack the beliefs of theism and specific religions very well but that’s just one of many approaches. Ex’s blog I think makes people see how easily we can laugh at the whole thing whereas maybe my blog shows you how easily you can stand up and shake your fist at it. At first I wrote for me but I did feel like I wanted to at least contribute positively to the conversation. Now after hearing feedback from people, especially recent decons, I feel a sort of responsibility to write. If somehow what any of us say, or perhaps the way we say it, positively affects people than we need to continue.

    We debate here about why we write, where we write, who we should be writing for and so forth. Ex always breaks my balls about arguing with the fundies since he doesn’t see the point since you can never change their mind. I’ll tell you what I’ve told him recently. Rent ‘Thank You for Smoking’ and look for a scene where the main character Nailer explains the art of arguing to his son at a carnival. The point he makes as they argue vanilla vs chocolate ice cream is that the effort is for the audience, not the opponent. If through debates in forums, writing blogs or making podcasts people observe and see both how to laugh at or shakedown this godstuff and that it’s perfectly ok to do that, then it’s all worth it.

    Not to take anything away from the very intellectual, high brow blogs and such out there, I think that’s just not appealing to everybody. DFA’s and Ex’s charm is that they sound like regular people, people like yourself or who you generally would hang around with. I think what they say is more accessible. I’m sort of like that, only I’m like that crazy uncle or your buddy who your wife never wants you to invite over because I’m loud, I rant and I’ll get you riled up to do something that may get you in trouble. ;)

    Thanks for the compliments John, chaplain, and others who’ve written me before. I think we all need to speak up, and in our own voices.

  5. Not to take anything away from the very intellectual, high brow blogs and such out there

    Appreciate that Philly. Thanks. I wasn’t sure everyone understood the incrdedible DEPTH of my blog.

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