God’s Revenge

I’ve been grossly ill since Saturday night, but without the usual symptoms that accompany an illness like sore throat, runny or stuffed up nose, or a fever. Nope, no telling what’s wrong with me. I have no appetite, food goes right through me, I have constant stomach pains, headaches and am generally lethargic. Today is [...]

In or Out?

I’m prompted to write today by both a recent personal issue and how it collides with a new post by the Exterminator entitled “Good Advice”. Sorting through my posts here, you’ll see a pattern of responses to things that piss me off. I can officially mark this as my first response of anger to a [...]

Ann says Jews just need "perfecting"

Here we were worrying about how Dawkins’ stupid comment about the Jews was going to go over and low and behold who swoops down like an angel of salvation? Ann Coulter. What? No, it’s true. I guarantee no one is paying any attention to Dawkins, not even the Jews, after her recent comments on CNBC’s [...]

My Anti-Theism Explanation

Before being officially banned from the City-data religion forum, I was asked to explain what anti-theism is so I wrote the following. Now most of you would recognize this as essentially Christopher Hitchens’ position so perhaps there’s nothing new here for you. This is why I did not post it here, but since I can [...]

I guess I’ll be buying Organic now

The EPA, who I think need to be reminded that their initials stand for Environmental Protection Agency, seem to think it’s cool to use methyl iodide as a pesticide. But that’s a carcinogen you say? That’s ok, because the EPA’s risk assessment studies concluded that there are “adequate safety margins” and that it poses no [...]