Happy Halloween

Sorry, I’m too technically deficient to figure out how to embed this clip, so you’ll just have to go to JibJab yourself. It’s worth it. Enjoy!

I spent much too much time responding to other’s comments like for the Spanish Inquisitor’s post on things he’s getting tired of hearing. Specifically, I’ve gotten caught up in battling assertions that atheism was a religion. Now most of you are probably rolling your eyes because this is one of those topics that has been [...]

D’Souza Vs. Hitchens

I just got around to watching the Hitchens vs D’Souza debate that occurred last week. I had intended to watch it live but then I found out they weren’t going to stream it live and I don’t think it appeared on Youtube until this past weekend. Furthering the proof that I’ve been living in a [...]

With a "Friend" like this…

This is just too funny. A pastor here in Philadelphia who has had his driver’s license suspended until 2011 for racking up over $11,000 for not paying 55 violations including reckless driving, driving without a license, careless driving without registration, and driving without insurance, is running for judge of traffic court. No wait, it gets [...]

I don’t Like Shit!

I just had a really weird thought while taking my dog out to shit which goes to this whole religious diversity thing. You know how when christians get their shit bumped from government property, they often try to get it back by allowing other religions to have their shit there, too? Can’t have a nativity [...]