Stupid, or Calculated Collusion?

So the tv evangelist Bill Keller made a video message to send to Osama bin Laden. Well I suppose that’s cute, a tit for tat thing. Ha ha. Sadly, there’s nothing funny at all about this message. It’s one thing if he said Osama has done great evil and should repent or that he’s doing [...]

Can You Sue God?

He says it’s to make a point about frivolous lawsuits but man, does he ever hit the nail on the head (or is it into the hands?) with this suit against god. State Senator Ernie Chambers makes a number of great points in the suit against god:• he has numerous aliases• unable to reach him• [...]

Alright Already, I’ve Got Your Back

Crap, now we have to embrace her for her little Emmy speech because the christians are persecuting her. Check this crap out. Of course it’s from Fox, what do you expect? This is from their religion correspondent, as if anyone there isn’t a religion correspondent, or specifically a christian correspondent. Aside from expressing her outrage, [...]

Leave General Petraeus Alone

Chocolate Ann Coulter?

I just read a commentary by Star Parker entitled Liberals love the sin and hate the sinner. What a cloud of deliberate confusion she conjures up in order to not only salvage the religious right’s agenda in the wake of Sen. Craig’s exploits but to attack liberals, democrats (which she seems to think is just [...]