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Despite being a tadpole as far as my development as a blogger goes, I got tagged to participate in this Evolutionary Meme thing where I show the evolution of my blog through 5 old posts and then ask 5 other bloggers to do the same. Look at my archive! I’m not even 2 months in. Asking for my 5 best posts is like asking someone what were your 5 best days last week. So I thought ok, we can look at 5 of my older posts but since this is an evolution meme, I should try and trace it back to that primordial ooze from which it sprang first.

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Gloria at which point I hit an end. Is this the progenitor? Our “Lucy”? I don’t know. Funny though that tracing the evolution of the Evolution Meme shows that it wasn’t a meme about Evolution in the beginning. It evolved. Neato.

So now all about me…
First there was Atheist Diversionary Tactics. This got the whole thing started. What can I say? I saw this and got pissed off enough to start a blog. It was just so moronic, you know? Well, not bad for a first write.
Ok, so next stop would be Amendment to ban Islam. At the time I thought these guys would be a source for a lot of future writing because look at their forum. Those people are bonkers! Well this was yet another of those ‘our religion is better than yours’ stories.
Alrighty, so I say next let’s revisit Valuation of an Idea which was quite a biggie for me. Not only did I think I was on to something kinda clever, but others thought so as well. I was quite surprised when Hemant picked up on it. He took the wrong part but who cares? Exposure, baby. Truth is I tend to link back to this article when debating the theists online so it was quite a little gem for me. Occasionally I have my moments.
Fourth stop will be Morality Without a God which is cheating on my part because all the work was done by someone else, I just pointed to the article. But I thought it was still important because right before that I had gotten into some morality debates and I honestly would never have accounted for the possibility that we could be predisposed to being altruistic. Safe bet was always to go with self interest and still show how morality could form and function without a deity but that research blew me away.
Last stop will be the last post, Folsom Street Fair. Why? Because the issue pissed me off, and that is still the primary motivation for me writing this blog. Shit happens, it pisses me off and it makes me write. Pretty simple.

So I thought I’d get creative with my tags. I thought since some looked at this meme as a way to get to know other bloggers I’d tag people who might not be familiar to the people who frequent my site. Truth is, the people I’m tagging probably don’t even frequent my site. LOL
First to the left with Vastleft.
Then to the right with Conservative Atheist.
Then maybe instead of our regular christian atheists we go Jewish Atheist.
Which then means we need a muslim atheist like The Apostate.
To bring it all home, how about to the heartland with The Midwest Atheist.

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9 Responses to “Evolutionary Meme”

  1. Pretty damn good post for a tadpole. I loved your tracing of the meme back to its beginning.

    I wait eagerly for you to become a full-fledged frog. Do you have a maiden picked out to kiss you who will turn you into a prince?

  2. I could think of several who could handle the job.

    Oh look, I’ve progressed from tadpole to horny toad. ;)

  3. I echo Ex.

    And I apologize for putting you on the spot after only 2 months. I completely gave no regard whatsoever for the length of time blogging. I did even worse with my last tag of Darren over at A Critical Mass. Without looking, I tagged a blog that only HAD 5 posts so far.{smack upside of head}

    Oh. And I found a picture of you.

  4. I’m not seeing anything from that link. Do I not exist? Doh!

  5. hi, first time here.. come from the link that you link to me… hehe.. but my name is keeyit ya..

  6. Sorry. I fixed it

  7. Hey, thanks for the tag. I’ll try and come up with some sort of coherent ‘evolution’ of ideas in my blog.

    I’m afraid I still have the same opinion of Muslims and Islam that I did when I started the blog, so…

  8. That’s fine. Look, I showed an evolution of less than 2 months. How bad could anything you write be on evolution compared to that? LOL

    I prefer to think of this meme thing as an opportunity to be better exposed to other blogs and their writers, perhaps even get introduced to some we otherwise would not have found.

    I like your blog, btw.

  9. I like your blog, btw.

    Thank you! I like what I’ve read of yours, and I wouldn’t have found you if it hadn’t been for the meme.

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