Folsom Street Fair

Don’t get spoiled by the frequency of these posts. This is an anomaly. It just so happens I saw that the xtians are REALLY bent over this ad and you know me, that gets my attention. But what gets me more than making the xtians uncomfortable is any oppressed group asserting themselves. Make no mistake, the homosexual community has been abused in this country for a long time. They’ve made great strides in recent years and their activism is a model for atheists (with many like Dawkins advocating an “out” strategy based on theirs) but they still are denied full and equal rights in this country. The major obstacle in their way is religion, with the hatred it fosters towards them, vilifying them, and actively denying their rights. Sound familiar? Anyway, I think we certainly should be showing some solidarity to the homosexual community. We should show it because they are oppressed, they are a minority and their major foe is theists, xtians specifically in this country. We’re sort of in the same boat, although there’s no doubt has more flair.

So now the xtains are all upset about this ad, which you can read a sampling here and I’m sure you can find something on your local xtian blog or forum. Well they’re not taking the usual “damn those gays” stance. Oh no, this is special. They see this ad and immediately think of Leonardo’s Last Supper and find this attacking all that they hold dear. Brilliant! Personally, I’ve seen much better spoofs. I mean, the people aren’t even posed properly to match but who cares? The xtians seem to think it’s close enough, and that’s all that matters. Well I say if there’s a clear effort to spoof the last supper then awesome! Way to fire back a shot at the monster that’s holding you down.

Now let’s not make any mistake here, the real “offense” the xtians have to this ad is that it’s a gay ad. That’s what’s going on here. It’s not even a good mimic of Leonardo’s Last Supper and honestly, what else do people picture when you say Last Supper other than that fresco? If it was a similar ad for a sports memorabilia event and everyone was in various uniforms with things like cards, bats, and helmets on the table people wouldn’t be offended. If it was a food event and everyone was dressed as a chef with pots, pans, ladles, and spatulas on the table people wouldn’t be offended. If it was an ad for NASCAR with everyone in those jumpsuits and wheels, motor oil and tire irons on the table no one would be offended. See where I’m going with this? All of the “offense” at “mocking” christianity is nonsense. If anything, the homosexuals should be offended at the reactions of christians to the ad. Christians are offended by the very sight of them, the thoughts of what they do together (which is why there’s such a reaction to the outfits and “toys”) and they feel perfectly justified because their book tells them so. Go rummaging through Leviticus like 18:22, 20:13 or 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and you’ll see why they hate who they are and what they do. I think all of the negative reaction to the ad is just one more on a loooong list of offenses against the homosexual community prompted by religion, specifically christianity.

I just want to finish by addressing a couple of things about the silly article I linked to above. First, they call for “the media to cover this affront to Christianity with the same vigor as recent stories about cartoon depictions of Mohammed”. Um, it wasn’t how offensive the cartoons were that caught the media’s attention. What caught their attention was that some ignorant religious fucks threatened to kill everyone involved with those cartoons and everyone caved in. In other words, religious fanaticism won over free speech through threat of violence and death. As for the objection of taxpayer money going towards this event (several city blocks blocked off for the event), welcome to my world. Let’s put aside the obvious like Bush’s faith based initiative, millions of dollars wasted on abstinence as a solution to the AIDS epidemic, and of course the recent earmarking of funds by Vitter, how about every Sunday anywhere in this country streets get blocked off or cluttered with illegally parked cars (no tickets ever though) not to mention police directing traffic and such for church services. I think a leatherfest block party is a minor trade-off for what you xtains get.

As a follow up, I want to direct you to some other discussions of this and maybe even more importantly, many more Last Supper parodies:
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  1. Um, it wasn’t how offensive the cartoons were that caught the media’s attention. What caught their attention was that some ignorant religious fucks threatened to kill everyone involved with those cartoons and everyone caved in.

    They are not too smart. If they really want some media attention, all they have to do is go out and kill a few homosexuals in retaliation.

    What a bunch of dummies!

  2. Well there are those who would love to, and those are the ones who we have to hope are in that “sweet spot” of being crazy enough to hate them and believe they should but also delusional enough to think if they killed the gays then they’d go to hell for killing.

    It always scares me when theists wonder why since we don’t believe in a god we aren’t out killing people, like that’s all that’s holding them back. Yikes!

    I debated one clown who said without his belief he’d not care about work and just run off to enjoy himself with no care in the world. Since earlier he mentioned he had a wife and kid I said that for the sake of his family, I’m glad he believed so that he’d stick around and go to work to help provide for them at least, even though being around and providing for the family is not what he seems to really want to be doing.

  3. Personally, this is the shit thatgets my blood boiling:

    … it’s casts ridicule on our canine heritage and I, for one, am sick of this! All you homos and liberals need to take you activist judges and go back Moscow!

    (jk, obviously – your blog’s great.)

  4. um … this:

  5. Thanks for the comments and that great image.

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