Vitter Pays Like a Good "John"

Sen. Vitter, the family values conservative republican from Louisiana who enjoys banging prostitutes while wearing diapers has made the news yet again, only this time he’s fucking more than prostitutes. He earmarked $100,000 in a spending bill for a christian group who promotes creationism in the interest of supplementing science education. So he’s fucking the taxpayers, fucking the Constitution and finally, trying to fuck children’s science education. The full article is available here from The Times-Picayune.

There’s more backdoor action here than in an evening’s worth of work at Sen. Vitter’s favorite whore house. Let’s run down the action…
• The christian group, Louisiana Family Forum, is tax exempt meaning it can’t get involved in political activity yet the grass roots coordinator, Dan Richey, got paid as a “consultant” in Vitter’s 2004 campaign plus employing it’s education resource council chairwoman
• The group has openly supporting Vitter, especially after his whoring got national attention
• It’s a clear violation of church and state to earmark this money to a religious group with the intention of performing a religious activity
• That activity, pushing creationist views and challenging evolution is an attempt to backdoor the regulations prohibiting creationism and
•Creationism or ID is backdooring the entire system of determining viable scientific theories worthy of consideration by trying to force itself into educational systems as a “theory”

We can debate whether Vitter actually believes any of this shit he spouts about family values, the bible and what not. I mean, it’s obvious that adultery thing and lust are sort of fuzzy for him, but one thing we can agree on is he knows what side his bread is buttered and how to repay the buttering. This earmark is for services rendered, make no mistake about it. This group has bent over backwards to repair his standing with the christian right in Louisiana and he’s paying like a good “John”. All I can say is I wish his wife was now what she claimed to be in 1999, “I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbit than Hillary.” This guy needs to be gelded before he puts his junk in any one of us.

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