Reading, ‘riting, and Religion

Here we go in South Carolina, a unanimous decision to have an elective course on the xtian bible. So what’s the big deal if it’s elective? Nobody is FORCING anyone to take the class, right? This is a result of state Sen. Larry Grooms’ bill, S. 726, now law. He’s made every effort to show [...]

Would You Like To Kiss Jesus?

Dude, how set would you be with this kind of birthmark on your cock? Xtians go ga ga for any of their heroes showing up on anything. They’ll spend $28,000 for Mary on a moldy piece of toast, or $1000 for a Jesus stain on a bathroom ceiling tile. There are rocks with Jesus, a [...]

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

Holy crap, this is truly enlightening!

Added to the Atheist Blogroll

I feel like Sally Fields when she exclaimed, “You like me, you REALLY like me!”. This blog has been recently added to the Atheist Blogroll which you’ll see scrolling over on the right of the page. Spiffy! How quaint that an apparent dinosaur notion of having atheists in an Atheist Blogroll still resonates. Maybe there’s [...]


This is amusing. Apparently a theist may have infiltrated the Atheist Blogroll. The issue can be found here. It all feels kinda UAC, exposing the “threat within”. LOL Personally I think if you have an atheist blogroll, it should be full of, well, atheists. Republican blogrolls should be made up of Republicans, Democrat blogrolls made [...]