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So while researching something I stumble upon this site with a forum. Interesting. Oh look, there’s a religion sub-forum. VERY interesting. So naturally I have to examine this stuff. Pretty amateur stuff and silly arguments. It’s like an exercise book for a ‘how to confront theists as an atheist 101′ course. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why bother? It’s the same old shit, so why reinvent the wheel? Well to be honest, I personally haven’t had to go one on one like this very often so I figured it would be a learning experience.

Well I jump in and go through all the usual arguments. There’s the Josephus forgery, the ‘what about the OTHER gospels’ argument, the ‘what about the old testament’ arguments about stoning the kids, disproving the fallacy of the US founded on christianity, you don’t need a deity for morals, and so on. Well it seems I just was too disruptive an entity so I can no longer post there. One moderator considered my objection to someone who kept telling everyone they’re going to hell (including other christians who weren’t being christian enough for this guy) as bad and another simply gave no reason. Both are christians of course and the first one even made a lovely post entitled Why are Atheists so Negative?.

I know, I shouldn’t care but I do. I think it’s crap. I understand it’s a private forum but to silence objection rather than standing up to it is the tactic of either the lazy or the weak and it exemplifies what these damn christians have always done and are continuing to try and do in the US. It’s the tactic of all religions really, a tactic the muslims are having great success with. I mean, the shitstorm that erupted over a stupid cartoon makes the catholics silencing the South Park episode seem rather tame. It REALLY drives home the bullshit of their religions and the faith in them if they can’t resist a few postings by me or a cartoon or ANY objection. You’d think with a god who’s supposed to be all powerful on your side and holding a inerrant book of his words you’d feel pretty kick ass and simply laugh at objections, right? What could such things do against your powerful book and deity? What a fucking joke.

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  1. I hear you about City Data. It’s full of xenophobia, racism, antisemitism, and homophobia.

    I got an infraction because someone on the Politics board said gay people deserved to die of AIDS. My response to that was then if a woman wasn’t a virgin at marriage, would she deserve to die of cervical cancer for being a dirty whore.

    Today there was a great post that someone put up about white supremacists. Someone added that they did a google and found that on a white supremacist board, the people were referring to City Data as a place they frequently post.

    My response was that didn’t surprise me given the posts that I see on the board that are there were bigoted in nature and nothing ever happened to the people who posted them, but for those who dare stand up to the bigots, their posts were deleted and they got infractions.

    You guessed it, they gave me an infraction for posting that and deleted the post. I tried 3 times to address the mods about it and they banned me for trolling.

    The boards there are filled with hatred for anyone who is not a white, Christian, right winger. No wonder white supremacists like posting there.

    So this is what I learned about City-Data. It’s ok to post anything that is intolerant. But it is not ok to stand up to the intolerance.

  2. Oops, I forgot to add..

    I also noticed on the white supremacist thread that another poster said they got an infraction for standing up to a racist and homophobic post so it really is a pattern of supporting intolerance and silencing those who do not agree with it.

  3. Thanks for that. I had no idea that forum was so bad. I thought the issue was strictly zealous xtians. Yikes!

  4. could you shoot me a link to this white supremacist site where they recommend city-data?

  5. hey there, philly

    So you were finally kicked off of city data, eh?
    I don’t know why I keep reading it or how I have kept from getting myself banned.
    One day I had a question about purchasing a house and now, 6 months later, here I am reading spiritual greeting card messages daily.
    Well, now that you’re gone there will be little reason to read posts there.
    Btw, I have been thinking about the anti-theist position you described there. Interesting stuff and I’m still not sure where I fit in exactly.
    I’m curious about what was the final straw – you must have had a lot of edited and/or deleted posts – cuz your stuff that I read was as civil as possible under the circumstances.

    b. frank

  6. First off, this article is from a time before where I was sorta-banned, meaning I could log on and read with my account but couldn’t post. No I can’t even log on with my account, so I assume this is it.

    Just to be fair, I’ll take responsibility for this one. First I got a warning for using Ikester7579′s real name, which is Isaac Bourne. Naturally all instances of that were then deleted. So Ikester used this to paint me as a villain who has his posts deleted for saying bad things. Only so much of that I can take before explaining in a post why they were deleted and BAM! I’m banned.

    Mr. Bourne is pretty well known as an idiot YEC with a persecution complex online and his name is readily known. He also posts links to his site on that forum all the time and if you check the owner of the domain name, BING! Isaac Bourne. Here’s some info on the 45 year old ass:
    From AOA forum

    I’m still getting emails of responses on the City-data forum, which is frustrating. Perhaps I’ll post my anti-theism explanation here so anyone who feels they want to ask me something can come here and do so. Feel free to say (if you’re allowed) that I think I’m banned and thanks for stopping by here.

  7. I was just banned today from city-data by a guy with the name “Mark from Back East”…hilarious because my topic was in regards to the population boom that Colorado is experiencing from “Easterners” and others from all over. No offense anyone, but I had an opinion, and I get banned for having that opinion? Seems like a Nazi mentality is becoming more prevalent in our society. I mean as long as you are not name-calling, making threats, harming anyone, everyone should have the right to post whatever they wish.

  8. Yeah well, what can you do? Private forums can do whatever they want. It sucks. Sorry to hear you got banned but you’re in good company. :)


    City-data is simply fucked up. Everybody, join the anti-city-data movement! Because racism fails.

  10. City Data is nothing more than a meeting place for losers. I have been banned and never once was rude/crude. The moderators are biased and losers themselves. One moderator (suzet) even posts on a daily basis how she suffers from mental illness and an abusive husband. I’ve received “infractions” for using the words “butt crack” whilst others are able to openly talk about oral sex and pubic hair. Once you are targeted by a moderator they will find any excuse to ban you. Personally, I feel I was banned because other posters liked me too much as I brought high spirited sunshiney fun to the boards.

  11. I’ve been banned a total of three times. All for the same reason. Using multiple acct’s. I registered in Nov 07 under the alias Thunder88 and was contributing in the real estate forums. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house. After registering I lost my username & password. So I re-registered under a new username. It took Mark Blue about three weeks before he discovered the violation and then hit me with a temporary ban. I explained the situation, that I wasn’t looking for trouble… one account was on my PC and another was on my work laptop. I would just use one from now on. He lifted my ban and I went on typing. Then two weeks later using my work laptop, I submitted a reply using my 2nd account. Within seconds I received a lifetime ban… NEVER LIFTED.

    So after stewing for a few days I reserached how to change your IP address. I did and created a new account. All was well for about 3 months until over the weekend it appeared that I was still signed in on the previous account (still stuck in cache somewhere. Before I could even log out I was slammed again ‘LIFETIME BAN NEVER LIFTED’


  12. I don’t know what’s going on over there. It’s pretty silly. Well fuck ‘em.

  13. City-Data sucks. I have found to be a decent alternative, but not as popular yet.

  14. You guys should check out

    It’s a website filled with ex-shitty-data members who got banned. Lots of freedom there where you can say what you want without fear of being banned. BTW, love your blog!! I just posted your blog link over on the talkstates forum so that people over there can check it out.

  15. I’m a Pagan the one true religion your faith is based on.. check out Its a great place to chat and get moving advice.

  16. Funny thing. I am fairly new to all of this blogging and Forums. Took 2 days and I was banned from that silly site. The religious stuf was nuts and the comments were laughable. The anti gay hate and wishing death was so ugly. anti black,jews…all of it. Yes it is a free country but to a point only..then it becomes illegal and unconstitutional. This sad little site you speak of is useless and unconstructive. I did move on and up. But the two I have been on Topix and now talk the issues with C.D are superflowous.

  17. Well forums are private, but it is incredibly amazing what some of these people are doing. It sounds like it’s gotten worse since I left like 8 months ago.

  18. I too was banned from City-data for foolish, stupid reasons. I agree that the site is full of xenophobic, racist, homophobic nut cases. Once a moderator decides they don’t like you, then they hit you with all kinds of silly infractions until you are gone. Funny thing is I had a lot of great, intelligent, witty posts, but I guess that’s not what their after. Too threatening for them.

  19. Well witty is fine if you tow the line

  20. City Data is so crappy. A certain moderator there is especially horrible. I know what you mean about the Religion forum, the balance of injustice was staggering.
    I couldn’t stand it anymore, I told them how I really felt. I then logged out and blocked all incoming mail from City Data.
    I really don’t care if I’m banned or not, I’ve had it with those stupid fucks over there. They can take that board and shove it in their uptight asses.

  21. Once in the elections forum a regular nasty poster admitted to being a white supremacist.

    Then, in another forum, she made a post to which I pointed out that as she was a white supremacist anyway her argument didn’t hold water.

    I got an infraction. Sigh.

    That place is FULL of bigots. My city has a large black population and for a long time incredibly racist statements were allowed to stand and those pointing them out were removed.

  22. City-Data-forum?
    Ah, holy makel dhere Saphire, I goona stay away from dhat place.

  23. City-Data Forum sucks. The moderators are holier than thou, and censor people’s opinions big time.

    I have had posts removed when I have just defended myself against jerks who were being flamers to either myself or others. In none of my posts have I insulted or attacked anyone.

  24. Goodness! Another anti City Data site? It’s being going on for a while I see.

  25. Once you leave CD the idiots try and find where you now post and join just to stalk you. They hate that we won’t take their crap and leave yet they can’t leave us alone once we go! Some very lonely and disturbed folks on that site. I’m surprised they haven’t followed any of you here yet.

  26. I think I was simply too much for them, so they don’t want anything to do with me ever again. :)

  27. Thx PDXnative I just went to and it really does look just like the city-data forum.

    Heres my story I guess just to add

    I had the same screenname DesiArnez6 on that forum, and was banned for this post by the same mod ViralMD in regards to the MTA raising fares and adding tolls:(part in parenthesis is added) My post:

    Quote (from another poster above mine) “Its bananas” End quote

    My feeling exactly Its bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S”

    As seen here on youtube video at /watch?v=2AU-kAnB24I Gwen Stefani – Hollaback girl ;)

    (If you had copied the part from watch/ and pasted to youtube youd have gotten her video with the lyrics “Its bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S”)

    (And then I joked further) Word is on the street the the MTA contracted the fare hike plan to this woman based on her video resume, seen also on youtube /watch?v=V5SssYIzucA
    (The video is a funny but bored girl explaining her easier plan of opening a banana with a knife first a circle around the top and then on each side, making it very complicated, I chose this video to parallel similar MTA transit authority behavior)

    Immediately after and before, i gave informative reasons as to why I believed the fare hike was wrong. My posts were always academic, most were very serious,(Anyone can still check my posts to see what type of person I am) but seriously, the reason given is that apparently Gwen Stefani (even though I didnt directly link to the video just told them how to find it on youtube) Gwen apparently swears in her video (which I didnt know from the radio version) AND I was demeaning?? to the MTA using inappropriate language.. Permanent.. Wow, I immediately complained higher up, said that we’re New York, not some Catholic school, that id never used a swear word in a post and dont even swear in real life), and that we should all lighten up a bit, gave my rationale for the links, again to the superiors, explained that Im a long time good poster, and my humor wasnt offensive to anyone least of which the MTA) These comments were behind the scene as they want us to do and not post publicly. I used their official complaint avenues and instead….. or before I could get a response from the higher up mods, account immediately closed so that you cant continue discussion even in the Senior moderator resolution section for disagreements) Several of my friends then revolted about the situation and got banned as well.

    Very sad that all they keep are those that break the Terms of Service, and DO use foul language in their posts, with “mod cut” ofcourse, but never banned. Only the intellectuals that make concise points politely, especially against the moderators themselves on local issues and opinions, are the ones immediately banned.

  28. I was on over a year without any problems. I went to a new page there and within a few minutes got a lifetime ban for NOTHING!!! It was even a disagreement or a flame or anything.

    The topic was about parents at home and everyone was leaving Dad out of the picture, assuming only Moms stayed at home. I offhandedly said “What about the Dads? They stay home too sometimes (with a smiley face to show it wasn’t meant to be mean)” and BOOM!!!

    The Mod there says “This thread is about Moms! Stay on topic” Which wasn’t totally true, the title said “Parents at Home”

    So I responded like an adult and said “If it bothers you that much, remove my posts”. Well not only did the posts get removed, but he bans me forever. WHAT DID I DO???

    So I created another account with the same name mostly and after about an hour he deletes that one too and I hadn’t done anything. At that point I wasn’t even using more than one profile as he had deleted my original one.

    He stated in my email I was “deliberatly breaking TOS”. Thats it. No other correspondence and wouldn’t answer my email back.

    I looked under the TOS and it does state they can delete you for any or no reason whatsoever. But that was just wrong.

    I’m not even sure why the Mods bother, since they can’t actually stop you from recreating a new account within 2 minutes time.

    This is the second site I’ve run into like this.

    POF is like this too, where they delete you for having an opinion or knowing more than them.

    Like I said I was on City-Data for over a year without an issue and encountered all the same wackos as you guys did. Sadly (some of) the Mods are the worst of the bunch. I just tried a new page and this is what happened.

    I do have another account set up under a totally different name that this Moderator (who seems to be hunting for me for some reason) will never figure is me. So far so good. I told the online friends I had my new screenname and am trying to rebuild what I had made over the last year there. What a jerk.

    But again why do they bother if these rules and bans are so easy to get around. They must know that, so the only other explanation can be that they just want to be jerks to people because they can and we can’t do anything about it.

    They even deleted the posters that agreed with me! Thats just being power abusive. Its wrong! But according to their TOS they can delete for no reason.

    If they can do that, then they can’t expect people to bother following their TOS rules (ie making more than one profile, etc) since even if you follow those rules they can and will ban you anyway without warning, so the heck with it.

  29. That place really sucks. is a decent alternative.

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  32. It's not a White supremacist site. They just target anyone who takes a stand on anything.

    The pokes at certain cities, and defending them got some of my posts pulled.
    I notice people can call names, slam you, but they are friends of the moderators.

    It's like some kind of a weird game, where the moderators try to see how prickish they can be.
    I was never able to post on the religion forum.

  33. City-data is really becoming Shitty-data. The moderation on that forum is garbage. As usual, they have their favourite posters who can say whatever racist, insulting, hate filled nonsense without warning. I'm not surprised people complain here and leave that place. Any of the social subject forums, religion, politics, relationship etc have unwritten stupid rules. People who have legit stuff to say get infracted and in a lot of cases banned.

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  35. City data forum is a form with many topics, there is a gun forum I post on once in a while. I posted a thread about a German Paratrooper gravity knife and got this message from Elk Hunter who is a bit anal retentive. Well a lot really.

    "I am getting tired of the threads that you start. They are meaningless.

    You start a new thread for every little thing you buy, here or there. This is not your personal sounding board for every widget sold in the free world.

    It took me and others, almost 2 years of argueing and pleading to get a Guns and Hunting forum started. I'm not going to stand back and watch you make a mockery out of it. If you have something meaningful to find out or question, by all means, post it, start a thread. But you are done starting a new thread every time you find a knife, or see a box of 22's for sale, or see some shiney trinket in the store window.

    ElkHunter __________________"

    Now I have been told to watch my language and not call people idiots ect. But this was very strange and I have never received a PM like this, and it made me laugh out loud. I had just posted a thread asking if there should be a knife forum and was told by Elk Hunter that the gun forum was all that was needed to talk about knives. LMFAO But then I get this rambling incoherent PM about posting threads about knives. I started a thread about 22lrs and asked were there any available in anyone’s area and to post updated info. There are whole sights devoted to just this.

    I just wanted to get others opinion on this, my feeling is this guy is off his meds.

  36. You people sound even more pathetic than the lewzwerz on CD. Quite a feat!

  37. I just witnessed them delete comments of someone new which weren't offensive in any way yet name calling comments remained of a couple regulars who disagreed with new guy. Total favoritism and selective moderation going on there. Yeah I really want to post on a site guilty of that. NOT INTERESTED.

  38. I blog quite often and I truly appreciate your content. Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to book mark your website and keep checking for new information about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

  39. Lewzwers is either:

    A. CD mod incognito

    B. Fucking a CD moderator

  40. I have found that many moderators, particularly SUNSCAPE and KEEPER to be the most vindictive moderators on CITY-DATA. They allow trolls to post messages which are crafted to be inflaming causing responses from users that lead to other members being silenced by issuing "infractions" which deny users the ability to post anywhere on CD. The referenced moderators consistently support members who regularly post nonsense, insult other users and bring discourse to forums. It is my belief that CD moderators create accounts and post inflaming messages in order to incite users to respond to thier messages thus increasing the numbers to show advertisers how much thier site will bring hits to their websites

  41. I don't know what's going on over there. It's pretty silly

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