Why I love Japan

I’ll no doubt return to this subject again and again because what’s not to love about Japan? So with churches supposedly for doing charity yet spending at best 3-5% of what they take in (that’s what we know of the ones that actually declare their assets), and certainly the catholics probably paying out more to victims of the horrors THEY inflicted than any other victims of say disease or poverty, Japan will be raising money for AIDS prevention with porn.

There’s Oppai Bokin, where contributors get to fondle porn star boobs and Tekoki Jinja, the hand job shrine, where, well, you know. How awesome is that? Here are exactly the people and the sort of thing that theist fanatics preach about constantly as what’s wrong with our country, the erosion of our morals, what leads to so many other crimes and disasters and what some feel is the behavior that brings the wrath of god down upon us with hurricanes, tornadoes or other equally whacked fanatics from the “other” team flying planes into us.

See what happens when you are free of religious crap? You become a technological superpower, have government subsidized health care, proper AIDS education, one of the most intense overall educational systems in the world, modest crime levels and your porn stars raise money for charity. Yeah, this god thing is really working out great for us. Uh huh. The answer is what? More god? Riiiiiight. Keep trying, numbnuts. The only kind of religion that makes sense to me isn’t in church, it’s in a Tekoki Jinja. ;)

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5 Responses to “Why I love Japan”

  1. Nice PhillyChief! You make me want to go to the Far East. Forever.

    It’s interesting that many of our same religious fanatics are among the loudest voices declaring that USA! USA! is the greatest in everything. Yes, we have been the greatest in many things. But there are, unfortunately, many areas that other countries have kicked our asses and it isn’t debatable. Health care (including infant mortality rates), education, prison populations, and many others – we rank very low among the Western style democracies. (I know Japan isn’t usual called a “Western” democracy, but for all intents and purposes – they are).

  2. It’s frightening how ignorant this country is. It embarrasses me greatly because I regularly deal with people from around the world and they often ask me what’s up with this or that or they remark on how I don’t seem American.

    It’s the last comment that really burns me because even though I understand their meaning, I feel I am very much an American, a true American and that my America has been taken away. The rich have stolen this country, destroyed education, use the church to pacify the now ignorant masses, wave the flag and terrify everyone into getting in line. It fucking nauseates me. We atheists are fighting the religious encroachment but it’s merely just one of many forces we are being bombarded with. Like those Spartans, we few must stand to repel the various armies that are puppets for the rich bastards come to enslave us and destroy Democracy.

    I’d like to kick them into a pit after yelling THIS IS AMERICA!

  3. Hang in there PhillyChief… At least (thanks to the net) you know you aren’t alone. There are many free thinkers but the problem as Dawkins has put it is “how do you herd cats”?

    Don’t want to add to your anger about how things are going in America, but did you see this on MSNBC this morning? Sickening

  4. Yeah, I probably didn’t need to read that.

  5. Why i love japan. It has many reasons for the affection and its beauty if at the top. It is subsequently implemented and ensured with the prosperous and attached. It is connected and organized.

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