This is amusing. Apparently a theist may have infiltrated the Atheist Blogroll. The issue can be found here. It all feels kinda UAC, exposing the “threat within”. LOL

Personally I think if you have an atheist blogroll, it should be full of, well, atheists. Republican blogrolls should be made up of Republicans, Democrat blogrolls made up of Democrats, and so on for chocolate lovers, football fans, Paris Hilton fans (let’s see if I get hits now for saying Paris Hilton, maybe there’s a Betelgeuse rule so I say for the third time, Paris Hilton) or whatever niche you can dream up. According to the alleged infidel, this line of thinking is rather fascist and tantamount to censorship if he’s removed.

Perhaps I’m naive or old fashioned to think you should find just atheists in an atheist blogroll. I mean after all, we don’t honestly expect to get news from a news broadcast anymore do we? Is Justice expected from the DoJ these days? Is the separation between church and state really functioning to separate church from state? Are jumbo shrimp really “jumbo” sized? Maybe the infidel has a point, and I’m a dinosaur in my rational thinking and ill equipped to deal with the absurdities of present day.

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2 Responses to “Infidel”

  1. Actually, doesn’t Agnosticism have completely contrary views to that of an atheist since it rejects the conclusion that God does not exist? So it is directly at odds with Atheism. I think the Atheist Blogroll must surely consider this issue. Agnosticism and Atheism cannot be lumped under one category. The only commonality between the two schools of thought is that they are both opposed to theism. But non-theism is not the basis of categorization of the Atheist Blogroll, is it? So the policy should change once again to exclude agnostic writers. Since a true agnostic writer may write a Letter to an Atheist making an argument that God’s existence cannot be simply disproved. Oh, wait…didn’t someone already do that?

    Thank you for reading.

  2. I just don’t understand why either an atheist list has anything other than atheists or, if you have more than just atheists, it’s called the atheist list.

    If he wants agnostics, so be it. You sir, were not questioning a god’s existence. If so, then you have a funny way of questioning via contrived arguments and leaping assumptions that somehow lead to an answer of god, external designer, grand shmoo or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

    It was also a bit douchey going with that whole censorship angle. It’s a private list. If he decided tomorrow only redheads could be members than so be it.

    Like I said before, thanks for testing the rules. You found it’s vulnerabilities, which is cool. I certainly don’t mind a person around making contrary comments. I suppose if Mojoey liked you enough he could have just gave you link somewhere else on his page, but he said he didn’t read your site so oh well. Maybe you should start your own list.

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