So where does an atheist vacation? Why Churchtown, of course! I’m a workaholic but I just got so burnt that I needed a few days to get away from it all in the country so I found a cottage where we could bring the dog with us. The place just happens to be in Lancaster [...]

Valuation of an Idea

Well it’s a bit of a windy road that leads me to writing today. It would probably be of some benefit to you to first travel down that road before reading what I say below. The road starts with a post by the Spanish Inquisitor here, then leads to here as a theist stop and [...]

City Data Forum

So while researching something I stumble upon this site with a forum. Interesting. Oh look, there’s a religion sub-forum. VERY interesting. So naturally I have to examine this stuff. Pretty amateur stuff and silly arguments. It’s like an exercise book for a ‘how to confront theists as an atheist 101′ course. Now I know what [...]

Why I love Japan

I’ll no doubt return to this subject again and again because what’s not to love about Japan? So with churches supposedly for doing charity yet spending at best 3-5% of what they take in (that’s what we know of the ones that actually declare their assets), and certainly the catholics probably paying out more to [...]

Bustin’ Da Phat Rhymes

Ok, I spend too much spare time online in various forums. On one religion and philosophy forum during a discussion of what an eternal afterlife would be like, one of these ‘I can’t think for myself’ xtians quoted not the bible but some little hymn or poem. Here it is:This World Is Not My Home [...]